Security Review

Rhodius offers review services of fixed locations such as large facilities, offices and personal residences. Delivered as a stand-alone activity, or typically in support of a broader security assessment, our review services focus on the provision of physical, technical and human protective services, as well as the security of Information Technology & Communications equipment and systems.

Our review services feature both informal and milestone review briefings and culminate in a detailed report and presentation of the review findings.  Amongst other critical areas, review activity would benchmark functionality, effectiveness (against the requirement and robust basis of design), efficiency and currency when compared with comparable solutions in the marketplace.  Above all, our review activity adheres to the tenets of recommending options to the Client that can be easily implemented, used, maintained, monitored and validated in support of core or specific operating objectives.

These services are further reinforced by Rhodius’ Future Safety & Security Concepts Division, where innovative multi-media visualisations can be used to articulate complex or highly detailed security review-related issues through 2D/3D scenario modeling and animation.