Public Sector Services

Whether developing analysts, building teams and process, or improving intelligence software management systems, Rhodius delivers bespoke training that enhances the capture, analysis, visualisation and exploitation of information from an array of sources that include: Human, Technical, Communications and Cyber.

Our suite of services are tailored towards Government, Military and Law Enforcement Intelligence agencies and address themes such as Training Programme and Course Design, Case Management, Report Writing, Source Handling, Surveillance, Analysis Development and Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/Environment.  In addition, we also focus on Law Enforcement Intelligence areas such as converting Intelligence into Evidence (which includes intelligence gained covertly), Managing International Liaison Networks and Intelligence Officer Training.  For each training audience we can support the development of Individual, Team and Collective skills against routine and task-specific training needs within the context of career progression and unit capacity building milestones.

We pride ourselves in the quality of instruction and advisory services we deliver, which stems from the expertise and experience held within our pool of Consultants, all of whom have served in either UKSF and UK Military Intelligence; UK Government Intelligence Services and leading Law Enforcement agencies such as the Serious Organised Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police.

Rhodius can deliver bespoke training programmes and individual courses that include complex single and multi-agency investigations into Serious Organsised Crime, Internet Crime, Data Loss (which may include computer forensic and e-crime work) and Economic Crime, Drugs and Fraud.  Typically these courses are directed towards internal security services or agencies responsible for investigations overseas.

Alongside higher-level training subject areas, Rhodius also provides support to foundation and continuation training that covers the various techniques and tools needed to aid the investigative process, such as: Debriefing and Questioning, Evidence Handling, types and use of Analytical Software, Report Writing and Documentation processes.  Delivered by experts with national and international exposure to some of the most challenging and complex investigations around the world, Rhodius can bring together an unparalleled blend of experience and skills to meet your requirements in a discreet and highly professional manner.