Private Sector Services

Rhodius provides a comprehensive suite of Business Intelligence & Risk Management Support Services that captures and analyses the information you need to make timely decisions when considering a range of challenging issues.  Our deep understanding of business risk as it applies to one or many jurisdictions allows for a truly objective and global position where sensitive, localized and pan-national issues are examined by a blend of expert analysts with diverse backgrounds in areas such as politics, academia, military, law enforcement, finance and media.

By delivering the right mix of experience, skills and products we help accelerate your decision to action cycle in order to gain and maintain competitive advantage.  See how we can support your business in the following areas

Business Intelligence
We provide strategic, operational and delivery level Business Intelligence and Advisory services to Clients, and possess specific strengths in Developing Markets.  Our country and thematic reporting provides high level analysis to compliment services that address regulatory, licensing and the risks associated with operating in new or known environments, with partners and suppliers.  Rhodius supports cross-border Merger and Acquisition activity and can help clients navifate through complex risk-related analysis of government and sector regulatory action.

Our compliance services deliver support in areas such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Anti Bribery Act and other related legislation present in other nations.  Rhodius can also provide specialist support when operating in areas where organized crime, corruption and the transparency of financial institutions may be questioned.  To maintain a global perspective we can also compare the position of international competitors on these issues, in order to help clients position their business proposition when competing against foreign or domestic interests.  We also bring specific skills advising on trans-national financial crime as it applies to multinational business interests.  Where further context is required we provide detailed background reports on business opportunities, entities and individuals where regulatory and compliance issues are identified.

Advanced Due Diligence
Trust is built over time, and when entering into new business ventures there is always a pressure to accept agreements and partnerships with individuals and entities where very little may be known.  The risks are amplified further when operating in a new country and unfamiliar business culture.

In order to help clients make informed and timely decisions, Rhodius can provide insightful and thorough background reports that draw heavily from local open and closed sources, and extends to regional and international narrative where relevant commercial activity and personal interests are present.  Our strength is our network, which is particularly strong in developing markets and countries where weak governance, the rule of law and conventional business practices raise many risks to commercial activity.

Each task is handled with complete discretion by experts who can demonstrate an understanding of the country, culture and business sector in question.  Our findings are always presented in written format, and where possible are supported by a verbal debrief where our experts can be questioned in greater detail, in order to extract the maximum value.

With a well-developed understanding of working with small, medium and large commercial entities, Rhodius can deliver highly effective strategies to remove or reduce risks in areas such as fraud, corruption, data loss and conflicts of interest.  We also assist with computer forensic and more specialized e-Crime related work, and can draw upon highly skilled IT, Legal and Law Enforcement experts to help clients navigate through issues in multiple jurisdictions.  Our Consultants and Teams operate in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards, while maintaining a focus on delivering results that build resilience.