Rhodius Security Risk Management Limited (shortened to “Rhodius”, “we”, “us” or “our”), Company Number: 7506859, is committed to ensuring the information we receive is protected within the safe & secure environment we create for clients on projects around the world. We have created to compliment our services and to improve the experience of those who may wish to use our services.

Your personal information that identifies you as an individual, or personal data, is received from you and others in a number of different ways. The Data Protection Act 1998 offers clear direction on the manner in which we must handle this information, and this Privacy Policy aims to confirm what personal information we collect, its use and storage, and how you can manage and access this information. Personal information is available through online search engines and we take steps to ensure our systems are well protected.

Links to any other websites made available through this site are not subject to this Privacy Policy. Should you choose to visit other sites through this website, you are advised to review the individual privacy policy before you access the site to ensure it meets the levels of privacy you require.

Your information and how it’s used


You are not obliged to register to access our site, and if you are merely a visitor, we do not collect and of your personal information. We do not employ third party statistic providers who utilize Unique Visitor Cookies to gather information about site traffic. An exception to this is where we collect, store and use personal information in support of employers and those seeking employment (described in greater detail below), which includes the sending of information to individuals to notify them of new or existing job opportunities, personal development courses or, as it applies to employers, to make them aware of individuals with matching skills or experience who meet their job match criteria.

In each case and as a control to everything we do, there will be no release of information of any kind without your written permission. For the purposes of this guidance and all others where written permission is made, written permission includes electronic transmissions, such as e-mail and fax. SMS or use of social media and personal e-mail addresses are not regarded as an acceptable method of notification.

In addition, Rhodius may request you to voluntarily supply personal information, such as your name, e-mail address and preferred means of communication. The purpose of this is to place you on our mailing list to receive service information and news alerts. We will only place you on the list with your express, written permission and can remove you at any time by written request.

We make no attempt to identify users through their browsing habits, and would identify any future changes as updates to this policy. The only reasonable exception to this is where a legal mandate, issued by a law enforcement agency, may require access to identify users as part of an investigation.

We make every effort to protect user privacy, however, no data transmission sent over the internet can be entirely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of information sent to us, or the use of this site; however, once we receive your information we have robust protocols in-place to safeguard your data.

Sensitive information

We do not intentionally collect sensitive personal data through this site unless legally required to do so for recruitment purposes. Access to sensitive information – as it is necessary and applicable under equal opportunity laws and regulations – such as ethnic origin, race, religious beliefs, trade union affiliation and physical health are controlled by limited access and clear policies and procedures that prevent against loss, misuse and improper disclosure. Our basic job seeker personal profile page does not request or hold this information, which means any subsequent request for such information would be made directly to the originating individual (the job seeker), collected and managed with their express written consent. This information may be relayed by voice to Rhodius, however, a written copy will always be made available to the originator for review and acceptance, along with the manner in which it will be disclosed and to whom.

Disclosure of Information

Rhodius will only disclose personal data to third parties with your consent, and with their agreement in writing that they will provide an adequate level of privacy protection. This may be as part of a request from you that we cannot fulfill without passing information to a Third Party Rhodius has a relationship with; following a clear request from you to pass information on, or where information must be passed as it relates to a sale or other business activity.

Where information may be disclosed to persons in a country other than your own, and where adequate data protection may not be provided, by agreeing to this Privacy Policy you consent to the transfer of personal information to a country other than your own.

The exception to this is where we are obliged to do so by law or a regulatory requirement, or for successors in title to our business and any sub-contractors and suppliers that process information in the UK and overseas.

Amendments and retention of data

The information we collect from site users will only be kept in order to deliver the service required. Following the completion of that service all information will be destroyed in accordance with our data retention policies. If you would like us to amend or update personal information held on our records please contact us confirming your instructions using the contact us form or by sending a request to


Rhodius undertakes all reasonable measures to protect your personal data from modification, disclosure, loss, destruction and unauthorized access. Please contact us if you are concerned with the levels of security you are experiencing or to report incidents of improper or criminal interference as you use this site.

Policy changes

Changes to this policy may be made to reflect developments in our commercial activity, and may take up to 25 working days to implement across the business. Please check this page periodically to remain conversant with new content.


Where you no-longer wish to receive service or news updates from our website, please notify us with your instruction using the contact us form or by e-mailing us using

Removal of personal data

If you would like us to delete personal information from our records please contact us confirming your instructions using the contact us form or by sending a request to

Access to personal information we hold about you

You are entitled to see the information we hold about you, which is known as a Subject Access Request (SAR). You can write, e-mail or phone and we will deal with your request within 40 calendar days. If you wish to have a copy of your personal information sent to you, we will send you a form to complete and you will have to pay a fee of ten pounds. Without the form or the fee we will be unable to deal with your request.

Alternatively, if you do not want a copy of your personal data, you are still able to contact us to check that the detail we hold is accurate and make any changes to your personal information. We work hard to maintain accurate information and are always willing to correct inaccuracies or make changes.

Job seekers

Information relevant to individuals and organisations using our recruitment services will be included once those services are fully launched.