Next Generation Applications & Platforms

Many synthetic training products exist on the market; however, many of the better examples are developed by large defence contractors at huge expense – an expense passed on to the customer.  We believe synthetic training can be designed and delivered to the very highest standards and within a competitive budget that brings significant value to a customer looking to create something truly unique.

We work closely with clients to develop innovative and effective virtual training and planning solutions that are scalable across all core competency areas, operations and discreet tasks.  This product fuses current Rhodius training approach, skills sets and experience with cutting edge multi-media technology garnered from motion picture and computer game platforms and products.   We also make available complimentary options that include ground-breaking tablet technologies to display imagery and information, and the creation of custom built e-portals to increase the sharing of information, promote e-learning and create web-based work spaces.

The platform offers a ‘real time’ interactive experience for the user and can deliver individual and collective training and planning within a realistic scenario-based context that allows for complex and otherwise challenging (in terms of human, real estate, materiel, time and resources) activity to take place, and for a fraction of the cost.  Focused entirely on the delivery of an experience that immerses the audience or user (using the visual spectrum), it can bridge language and other teaching/learning boundaries that rely on more traditional mediums.

This platform is designed primarily for user groups such as Law Enforcement, the Military and those engaged in Critical National Infrastructure protection, but has a range of other applications for larger corporate organisations looking to make training and planning activity more exciting and inclusive.

Contact us to find out more and how Rhodius can help you take your training and planning activities to a new level of effectiveness.