Non-Government Organisation (NGO)




Market Entry

Task Components:

Country Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Report | Create a Country Security Strategy | Development of Medical & Evacuation Plans | Security Assessment of possible office locations | Selection of local security providers

A fast-growing, global NGO, came to Rhodius asking for support as they entered a new market.  They had current experience in Haiti and Afghanistan, but had not worked in Africa or, more specifically, Liberia.  Their work was focused upon improving Liberia’s post-conflict economy by helping entrepreneurs and local businesses to access local, regional and international markets and opportunities.

Their mandate would allow access to local government and international institutions in Liberia, and would also portray them as ‘wealth generators’ with an influential position in the procurement process for new business.

Rhodius was required to quickly understand a range of complex issues and deploy a consultant within two weeks as part of a customer-led scoping visit into Monrovia, Liberia.  The customer was keen to ensure that a thorough security assessment and survey would guide their market entry strategy, thus allowing them to set and maintain tight financial controls over security-related spending.  It was also clear that donor confidence would be increased through better transparency and accountability in this area.

The customer had explored hiring other companies, however, the cost was often prohibitive, and they were struggling to secure consultants with the right skills set.  While the requirement demanded more ‘orthodox’ risk management skills and experience, there was also a more subtle need for commercially oriented acumen, alongside an ability to integrate Board and Project-level needs.

Rhodius was able to deploy a qualified consultant within the desired timeframe, at a competitive fee. Project aims and objectives (deliverables) were collaboratively set and agreed in advance, which included:

    • Pre-deployment
      • Initial Studies
      • Senior Management Briefings
    • In-country
      • Country Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Report
      • Meetings with local stakeholders and notables (Government, Non-Government and Private Institutions and Individuals)
      • Creation of a country-specific security strategy
      • Development and support to the development of Policies, Plans and Procedures, with specific reference to Medical and Evacuation
      • Assessment and recommendations for a Country Office and Residential solutions for customer staff
      • Assessment and recommendations for a local security provider to protect the Country Office and Residence
      • Post-deployment activities.
        • Drafting of reports, procedures, aide memoires and briefing documents aligned with agreed deliverables

The deliverables and services provided in Liberia allowed the customer to hire a reputable, reliable and cost-effective local security provider; make informed decisions when selecting office and residential locations for their international and local staff; and ensured they had a deeper appreciation of the threats, vulnerabilities and risks they faced. As such, critical risk management decisions could be made and appropriate solutions implemented ahead of their launch.

Based upon the customer’s experience in other countries, Rhodius’ early engagement improved their understanding of risk, thus allowing for early, cost-effective intervention. These risk management measures were manifest as improved process, plans and procedures; recommendations for physical and technical protection; and employees who were more aware and better prepared for their new working environment. Rhodius was also asked to provide advice on organizational change (improving internal lines of communication and operation at the corporate level) where it related to the sustainability of risk management activities and, specifically, emergency and crisis management.