Land Forces

Our Land Forces training packages can be structured to support the needs of large-scale exercises (up to Brigade level training), down to discreet Sub-Unit, Platoon and team activities. Our expert Consultants and Instructors have the experience of delivering highly complex, joint-training in support of recent war fighting and peace support deployments and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and skills in Land, Sea and Air operations. Through the capabilities held within our Future Safety & Security Concepts Division, Rhodius can bring highly realistic scenario-based training that creates virtual training environments to exercise multi-layered scenarios within a regional, national or international context. Example training areas are shown below:

  • Weapons’ Skills Training (which includes: Sniper, Support, Riot and Shotguns)
  • Intelligence Training
  • Command & Control (planning and orders training) and Leadership Training
  • Communications Training
  • Medical Training
  • Driver Training
  • Military Working Dog Training
  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance Training
  • Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Training
  • IED Awareness Training

Land Forces Collective Training
Unit and Formation Training Support through Training Advisors to assist with the planning, resourcing and delivery of complex training. Multi media platforms can also be designed to facilitate broader scenario-based training where restrictions on the use of facilities and real estate may apply.