International Corporate Customer




Review of the Concept for Security Design of a Bonded Warehouse in the Southern Oilfields, Iraq

Task Components:

Site visit in Iraq |Customer meetings in Iraq |Detailed Review (written report) to include:Entry & Access ControlsCommunicationsTechnical SecurityPedestrian Controls | Follow-up meetings and design development

An international customer requested support to review their security design work for a bonded warehouse in the oilfields of southern Iraq. The customer had significant experience designing similar facilities around the world, but was keen to solicit a ‘peer-review’ where human, physical, technical and cyber elements of the design could be tested against the environment (Iraq) and industry standards.

The project required the review of a range of technical design documents, as well as an assessment of the initial Scope of Work. Rhodius was specifically asked to be familiar with, and make recommendations to improve, an understanding of the design basis threat. Any recommendations or improvements were to be made in advance of a client meeting in Iraq, and against a project pace set by the building owner. The project demanded a quick and accurate turnaround of work, undertaken by security design practitioners with skills and expertise in critical infrastructure protection, computer aided design and hostile environments.

Rhodius was required to quickly understand a range of complex issues and deploy a consultant within two weeks as part of a customer-led scoping visit into Monrovia, Liberia.  The customer was keen to ensure that a thorough security assessment and survey would guide their market entry strategy, thus allowing them to set and maintain tight financial controls over security-related spending.  It was also clear that donor confidence would be increased through better transparency and accountability in this area.

Rhodius was selected for this work ahead of larger competitors due to its proven understanding of the operating environment; its access to skilled and experienced security design practitioners; and an availability to deploy quickly into Iraq. Due to the approach and way we structured our engagement, Rhodius was also able to realize cost-savings for the customer and provide significant value for money for technical consultations that took place after the report was submitted.

We maintained tight cost tolerances by keeping our deployed personnel to a minimum and maximizing technology that allowed us to engage technical and other experts as-and-when they were needed. A blend of webinar and secure cloud-based information exchanges were employed to sustain a high tempo exchange of content and ideas.

While the output of our engagement was a detailed report that reviewed the design basis threat and offered recommendations on areas that might be improved, Rhodius was also able to provide the customer with unique insight during meetings with their client. This insight and involvement led to the identification of an issue with the initial design that meant it would fail to meet the scope of work. Rhodius was asked to offer improvements for the re-design of the main access control point (the principal area of concern), which were eventually incorporated, in full, by the customer as part of necessary re-design work. We were also able to provide guidance on the development of an overall safety & security strategy, alongside the development of appropriate policies, plans and procedures.