Investor and Business Solutions

Our services span from business intelligence, support to discreet due diligence activity, through to the physical protection of people, assets and interests in what may be a new and challenging operating environment.  With a network that includes investors, legal and financial experts, diplomats, business leaders, intelligence and risk management professionals, Rhodius can provide deep insight into complex geo-political, regulatory, operational and other location-specific issues that shape your decision-making process.

We specialise in fusing together market-leading expertise with our organic resources to create a significant capability for investors looking to gain accurate and carefully sourced information, increased levels of access to key decision-makers and support services that can assist them throughout the investment cycle.  These services include:

  • Early identification of investor opportunities
  • Geo-Political and Thematic risk reporting (Political, Business, Ethical, Criminal & Environmental)
  • Corporate Due Diligence (Individuals, Corporations and Service Providers)
  • Analysis and advice on Political, Operational, Reputational and Security factors
  • Support to compliance and understanding exposure to risk in areas such as the UK Anti Bribery Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other regulatory legal mandates that protect integrity
  • Assessment of known or planned commercial & residential premises
  • Support to business resilience
  • Liaison and investor conduit in support of Political, Commercial, Regulatory and Security oversight and action
  • Comprehensive Security Risk Management Services (Physical, Technical & Human)
  • Local knowledge and support
  • Physical protection and on-site visit support services
  • Asset protection services (on-site, supply chain and duration of ownership concession)