Intelligence & Investigations

Information capture, from a range of sources, is the foundation upon which accurate and timely analysis is made and decisions taken: decisions which affect our client’s organization, activities and, perhaps more importantly, their people.

We understand the fundamental importance of this and have built a strong team of proven and innovative organisations and experts who together provide source information that spans the human, technical and cyber domains. Our ability to go well beyond an in-house capability enables us to articulate the complex global, regional, national and local issues faced by our clients, based upon the best source information available. Our approach allows for richer analysis where an array of sources and methods of capture help remove bias, corroborate and assess the credibility of source information and provide incisive analysis, comment and support to the decision making process of our client.

Our investigative services compliment and draw upon our Intelligence network, and are delivered by individuals and organisations with significant multi-disciplinary expertise gained during previous service with leading law enforcement, military and public sector agencies.  Our ability to support corporate and government clients in cases and areas that navigate through jurisdictions, complex legal issues and cyber space, delivers the requisite discretion, depth, reach and stability needed during short or longer-term engagements.

Discover how Rhodius supports clients seeking to protect their assets, interests and activities as part of discreet or developed service offerings: