Infrastructure Protection

We equip our clients with the knowledge and resources to face an array of complex and sophisticated Safety & Security challenges. Our intelligence-led solutions carefully analyse, monitor and manage risks to track events and trends in support of timely and effective decision-making.  We focus on the following risk areas:

  • Protection of “Physical Capital”:  Protection of critical assets and the built environment.
  • Protection of “Human Capital”: Protection of people, their knowledge, experience and value.
  • Protection of “Intellectual Capital”:  Protecting reputation and other intangibles and, in this case, information and the means to communicate (Information & Communications Technologies).
  • Integration and maintenance of “legacy” Human, Physical, Technical and ICT elements:  Where appropriate, integrate existing equipment and systems with new solutions and coordinate with internal and external agencies and actors involved in delivering Safety & Security services

Rhodius helps organisations and individuals develop Safety & Security management skills to better prevent, prepare, respond and recover – with a focus on building resilient people who can deal with a diverse range of emergencies and crisis situations.  Adhering to the very latest industry and international standards, and with knowledge of local and international regulations, discover how Rhodius can protect the critical assets that improve your world.