Human Resources and Personal Development

We provide depth and reach to organisations looking to grow their human capital and capture new talent.  Our services extend to companies and individuals within and outside of the security industry who understand and value the skills, experience and expertise of men and women who have served in the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement or broader First Responder community.  In addition to individuals with strong public service backgrounds, we also retain a portfolio of industry professionals with experience working across the complete span of Safety & Security disciplines.  These range from:

  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Intelligence Analysts and Language experts
  • Information Technology and Communications Specialists
  • Security Managers to Medics and Dog Handlers

Beyond helping employers and those seeking new job opportunities to connect, Rhodius also helps individuals shape their career path by presenting lifelong learning opportunities across many skills, disciplines and commercial sectors.  We aim to expand horizons and demonstrate where academic study and practical training may benefit men and women looking to break into new areas of the security industry, further reinforce credentials in areas they are already expert, and commute public or private security skills into a completely new sector.  We believe in offering choice without bias where individuals can decide how best to equip and empower themselves to compete within a fast-moving and global employment market.