Homeland Security

The world in which we live is increasingly connected through the internet, trade, tourism and employment; which in turn moves people, ideologies and knowledge around the world at an ever-faster pace.  This tempo and sophistication of activity presents governments with a highly complex and challenging need to secure their borders against a range of persistent and emerging threats, while at the same time preparing and responding to natural and other disasters. External and Internal security threats highlight new risks and expose vulnerabilities in critical areas such as strategy and planning, to cyber security.  With previous backgrounds in Law enforcement, Military and Government agencies, Rhodius can draw upon expertise and experience from Consultants and Instructors with high-level Homeland Security credentials in the United Kingdom and United States.  Example training areas are shown below:

  • Cyber Security Training
  • National Resilience and Security Training
  • Intelligence Training
  • Critical National Infrastructure Protection Training
  • Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Training
  • Public Safety & Security Training
  • Crime Reduction Strategies Training
  • Border Security Training (Ports, Airports and Land Borders)