Future Safety and Security Concepts

Through developed partnerships with international multi-media and technology partners, Rhodius is developing a range of bespoke training and planning support products within its Future Safety & Security Concepts Division.  These products are currently targeted towards clients in the Defence & Law Enforcement, Critical & National Infrastructure, and Oil & Gas sectors; however, broader applications exist within large organisations looking to create, develop or refresh their training and planning programmes.

By blending on-line, e-learning and other web-based resources with synthetic platforms and emerging technologies, Rhodius has created a focused range of applications that support Safety & Security planning and training, which can also be developed further for use in operational environments to deliver real time solutions.  Our innovative approach immerses the training audience and user, which allows for complex scenarios and exercises to be powerfully communicated through a range of mixed media and other source inputs.

Our strength lies in the ability to deliver products using old and new material in a fresh and engaging way.  This helps break down common obstacles to learning such as language and cultural differences, while enhancing the experience of the individual and group through networked forums.