Fixed and Mobile Asset Protection

Rhodius provides support to clients faced with small to large-scale fixed and mobile asset protection tasks that might include:

  • Hostile Environment Convoy Protection
  • High profile or Specialist Event Security
  • On-shore and Off-shore Work Platforms

Our work may also extend to more bespoke tasks such as the security of high-value yachts, planes and motor vehicles.  These tasks often require Rhodius to draw upon specialist skills in areas such as Information Technology, Communications, and cutting edge technical security equipment and systems.

Our specialist and highly experienced Consultants provide a spread of highly skilled services, while our programme and project-level teams provide strong management support in areas such as planning (including contingency planning, disaster recovery and corporate responsibility), resourcing (of critical staff, equipment and systems) and implementation(the delivery and coordination of security activities across other lines of operation and communication).  Our focus is fixed on delivering cost-effective services to the highest possible standards within a safe and secure environment.