Rhodius appoints and retains a broad range of Consultant expertise that provides Strategic advice to both Government and Private sector clients.  Our Consultants and their clients benefit from access to the complete range of Rhodius services, which serves to underpin our Resilient Safety & Security Services (RS3) concept.  This concept focuses on the following core components:

  • Insight & Understanding
  • Organisation & Management
  • Policies, Plans & Procedures
  • Assets & Capital
  • Preparedness, Prevention, Response & Recovery

Insight & Understanding
Our Consultants design and deliver effective Risk Management Strategies based upon a clear understanding of the Human, Physical, Technical and Cyber threats that exist within permissive and non-permissive operating environments.  From a Board level report that supports a Merger & Acquisition, to a verbal presentation for National Security Advisors, we aim to provide authoritative products with the depth of knowledge and understanding required to make sensitive, difficult and timely decisions.

Organisation & Management
We work with senior leadership and stakeholders to improve Safety & Security governance, operating frameworks and establishments, and a “culture” that builds resilient people, teams and organisations.  Our Enterprise Wide approach ensures that Safety & Security lines of operation and communication are integrated, flexible and sustainable.

Policies, Plans and Procedures
From Emergency to Crisis Management or Disaster Recovery to National Security Planning, our ability to place the threat, vulnerability and risk within an “all hazards” context, and to make it relevant to an organisation’s needs, reinforces the RS3 concept.  What sets Rhodius apart is our attention to detail and ability to “stress test” Policies, Plans and Procedures within realistic operating conditions through the use of orthodox and virtual assessment methods.

Assets & Capital
Our Consultants understand that protecting what matters most goes beyond things you can see and touch and extends into other realms such as reputation, values and trust.  The RS3 concept protects the Intellectual, Human and Financial Capital as well as the fixed and mobile assets that define who you are and set you apart from others.

Preparedness, Prevention, Response & Recovery
Rhodius offers holistic RS3 that provides our clients with the skills and expertise needed to manage a range of challenges from first principals through to a resumption of operations.  Our Consultants include the unique requirements of sector, environment and profile to determine the correct mix of services that can successfully evolve and keep pace with your changing needs and the dynamic space you occupy.